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Art Drawing Essay Topics

Art Drawing Essay TopicsTo help you, I have listed some of the most commonly used illustration essay topics. These topics may also be used in school projects, business presentations, and even in research papers. As you begin to study these topics, you will quickly find that they are a great way to spice up your illustration essays.One of the most common illustration essay topics is the subject of 'Butterflies'. Just about any form of drawing can be made into an illustration. While it is not always necessary, I recommend that you draw a picture of a butterfly or dragonfly. This can help illustrate how things move. Also, this will give you the opportunity to explore some new areas in your drawing.Another illustration essay topics are buildings. Try to learn as much as you can about a building. This may include the interior, its design, and the method in which it was built. If possible, try to study up on historical facts related to the building. In addition, you can learn as much as yo u can about the architectural styles of that building. A more detailed explanation may also be needed to fully understand what makes a building like that.The third illustration essay topic is wildlife. Just about anything can be made into an illustration. For example, taking pictures of animals will usually help you. However, you can also draw a picture of your subject and then trace the outline of the animal. You can also experiment with color, texture, and other elements.The fourth illustration essay topic is anatomy. An anatomy topic is usually very broad. You can experiment with different colors, shapes, and textures.The last illustration essay topics are fortune telling. Many people like to draw a picture of a fortune teller or astrologer. This can help to prove that they have some background in science and/or the arts. It is also very interesting to draw pictures of the stars and planets. Sometimes, these drawings can even contain the history of the painting, such as the time and place of the artist's birth.These are just some of the illustration drawing topics. Each one should be examined and studied before attempting to use them in your own illustration projects. Don't forget to include these drawing topics when you are starting your first drawing project.

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The Emotional Intensity Of The Clinical Material - 785 Words

populations. The emotional intensity of the clinical material (real life stories about torture, beheadings, sex trafficking or so) can inflict providers with vicarious traumatization. Hence, care providers apply self-care strategies for themselves when working with the victims of torture. Williams and Berry (1991) proposed a few suggestions to make changes at systemic level. These changes comprises developing school curricula that promote multicultural and multiracial understanding and tolerance, increasing public education programs to raise the knowledge and acceptance of the benefits of pluralism to a society, and of the contribution of newcomers to the cultural and economic life of the country, increasing public awareness of the possible difficulties faced by newcomers, and the effects of prejudice on both victim and perpetrator. Researchers and practicing psychologist need to bear in mind contextual/ecological factors in the development of mental illness and recovery process as well. According to Brofenbrenner s ecological theory, throughout the life course, human development is affected by the interplay between individuals and their relationships, community and societal factors in their immediate external environment (Bronfenbrenner Morris, 1998). Figure 1. Brofenbrenner Model (1979) The contextual approach can help psychologist put refugee stressors in a context through variety of systemic levels. As it is showed in the Figure 1, refugees can experience stressorsShow MoreRelatedNursing Research Paper816 Words   |  4 Pages that the illness isn’t the important thing in life (Gasser et al., 2014b). Long term effects on the patient’s attitudes, perspectives, and values led to an increased quality of life. One patient explained a change in values, where she realized material items and your job shouldn’t be prioritized over family and health. Patients were able to let go of past struggles, as with one mother who realized stressing about how she raised her daughter wouldn’t change the past and a patient with a dark familyRead MoreThe Most Important Method Control And Prevent Diabetic Complications1436 Words   |  6 PagesPatients struggle with the loss of independence in decision-making, predominantly in food choices, and complain about worsening of their quality of life. Consequently emotional factors play a major role in the diabetes management. People with diabetes have repeatedly been found to experience elevated levels of diabetes-associated emotional distress as they manage their inconsistent blood-glucose levels, leading to poor self-management as a re sult of undergoing â€Å"diabetes burnout.†4 This in turn can leadRead MoreMusic Therapy for Children with Autism: Essay1433 Words   |  6 PagesAutism because it makes connections between speech and singing, rhythm and motor behavior, memory for song and academic material. According to the American Cancer Society, music therapy is â€Å"the use of music by health care professionals to promote healing and enhance quality of life for their patients,† (â€Å"American Cancer Society† par. 1). It can be used to give assurance of emotional expression and promote social interaction. A few aspects of music therapy are making music, listening to music, andRead MoreDisasters are Common Wonder in the Human Civilization875 Words   |  3 Pagesin different forms, it has been proven to be a great challenge for society cross all statuses, creeds, communities, countries and continents. One of the lasts findings have suggested that the disasters have definitely increased in frequency and intensity. People have become more and more vulnerable to disasters of all types, which would include floods, mudslides, earthquakes, tsunamis, plane crashes, hurricanes, shootings, forest fires, etc. Even with the advancement and progress of technologicalRead MoreEffects Of Traumatic Disorder1206 Words   |  5 Pagescomorbidity is so high within the victimized PTSD population. Briere and Scott (2006) discussed the complexity of the traumatic and physical symptoms in the traumatized client’s life, concluding that the traumas can be cumulative and thus, convolute the clinical picture of the client being presented in the session. The traumatized client enters the counseling session suffering from the neurobiological effects of the psychological trauma exposure. This exposure can have a detrimental impact on the client’sRead MoreThe Rate Of Psychological Illness1637 Words   |  7 Pagesactors console on the beliefs and ideologies generated by extremist movements. Current psychological research on personality disorders aims to identify psychological and psychopathologic dynamics latent to violent behaviors. In particular, the emotional response to a stimulus is regarded as one of the most important psychological mechanism establishing normal and abnormal behavior, along with the individual’s interactions with the environment. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual ofRead MoreEssay on Discuss Some Of The Main Ideas1711 Words   |  7 Pagesare many mental processes going on that we have little control of. Our conscious mind is above the surface; it is what we are fully aware of and contains our perception, thought and memory. Freud also spoke of the preconscious which might include material put out of our conscious mind but which may be retrievable. Freudian psychoanalytical theory states that there are three agencies of the human personality. Below the surface is our â€Å"id†, these are our social and biological instincts such as hungerRead MoreCbt And Narrative Therapy For My Client s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Diagnosis Essay1747 Words   |  7 Pagesdiagnosis and various other factors. Moreover, in some instances, a combination of both therapeutic interventions may be most constructive. In this paper, I will introduce my client and provide details of his life history in order to explore his clinical diagnoses and examine how his presenting issues are affecting his day to day functioning. I will evaluate CBT and narrative therapy models to determine what approach would be most productive to use in therapeutic sessions with this client. I willRead MoreDiagnosis Of Major Depressive Disorder1471 Words   |  6 Pagesworldwide. Accurate diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) in other countries can be challenging, as individuals are not assessed regularly in primary care clinics. Across many cultures, somatic symptoms tend to be reported more frequently than emotional and behavioral symptoms, with treatment primarily prescribed for the physical symptom, which doesn’t address the individuals’ faulty beliefs, impacting feelings and behaviors. Not only are people suffering from the tremendous symptomology of depressionRead MoreEssay on Hypochondriasis a s A Mental Disorder1184 Words   |  5 Pages There are six major components usually associated with these patients: -Misinterpretation of physical symptoms to constitute a serious disease -Persistence of this misinterpretation, regardless of medical reassurance -Preoccupation of lesser intensity than a delusional disorder -Significant distress and social/occupational impairment because of this preoccupation -Disturbance duration of at least 6 months -The ruling out of other anxiety, somatoform, and/or major depressive disorders (3)

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Religion And Its Impact On Society - 922 Words

By definition, morals are a person’s standards of behavior concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do. By this definition alone, morals have to be relative. Morals are based on what people believe, and it is impossible to think that every person in the world believes the same thing. A person’s morals can be based off of their geographical location, religion, political party, upbringing, or even the time period in which they lived. Each of these factors can greatly impact what people think is right and wrong. Religion has a huge impact on what people’s morals are. For example, many Hindus find that it is immoral to eat meat, while many Christians do not find a problem with it. This does not mean that one group of people is moral and the other isn’t. Many Orthodox Jewish women and Muslims cover their bodies when they are in public. This is considered moral and respectful in their cultures. Women of other faiths usually do not cover thei r bodies as much. The reason for this is that morals are relative to what a person is taught in accordance to their religious beliefs. In America, conservatives and liberals have very different views of what is right and what is wrong. Conservatives, for example, are usually against things like abortion, premarital sex, and birth control. On the other hand, liberals usually don’t have a problem with these things. Conservatives tend to believe that we should keep the same morals that people had when America was firstShow MoreRelatedReligion And Its Impact On Society1473 Words   |  6 Pages The dictionary defines society as â€Å"an organized group of persons associated together for religious, benevolent, cultural, scientific, political, patriotic, or other purposes† and religion as â€Å"something one believes in and follows devotedly; a point or matter of ethics or conscience.† The question stated on our political survey reads â€Å"shared religious beli ef isn’t and important part of our society.† And I disagree with that. Almost everyone has his or her own sets of beliefs and morals, which isRead MoreReligion And Its Impact On Society1163 Words   |  5 PagesReligion has created major turmoil in America. Every night on the news, specialists elaborate more and more about the candidates and their ideas. Many of the most controversial issues are refugees, terrorism, and abortion; all of which all have aspects dealing with religion. This is a sharp contrast to the supposed â€Å"separation† of church and state in America, since citizens are electing the next president based on his religion-based opinions. These opinions are often altered through the instantaneousRead MoreReligion And Its Impact On Society910 Words   |  4 PagesNot a single person would define religion, in their own words, the same as anyone else. James Martineau, an English philosopher influential in the history of Unitarianism, once said â⠂¬Å"Religion is the belief in an ever living God, that is, in a Divine Mind and Will ruling the Universe and holding moral relations with mankind.† Many different people see religion in many different ways. Religion has been an important place in the history of civilization. It gives a meaning and purpose to human life andRead MoreReligion And Its Impact On Society1343 Words   |  6 Pagescirculation religion has been a part of society that has always been there. But is this idea of rules and regulations enforced by a belief system really helpful to society? In a world without religion would there be less wars, hatred, and discrimination? With so many people involved or affiliated with religion it is important to explore deeper into the negative impact that religion has on society and try to make the world a better place with information that will help all. At a personal level religion fulfillsRead MoreReligion And Its Impact On Society1033 Words   |  5 PagesCenterâ€⠄¢s Forum on Religion Public Life, more than 230 countries were estimated to have 5.8 billion religiously affiliated people nationally (Global). This large statistic represents 84% of the 2013 world population, which at that time was 6.9 billion (Global). Religion has an immense presence in this world, but it also has a huge impact on the society that surrounds it. Contributing not only to the good of society, religion has also been used to disrupt and cause chaos. Impacting society positively,Read MoreReligion And Its Impact On Society1699 Words   |  7 PagesFor the past centuries religion has been a major force in the world and still continues to be one as there are billions of people that believe and follow a certain religion, but sadly religion has had a largely negative impact on the world today. As people continue to view religion in an unrealistic positive manner they continue to be deceived about its negative impact. During recent years there have been many headlines abo ut how religion influenced people in performing terrible acts that oppressRead MoreReligion And Its Impact On Society1310 Words   |  6 Pagesforce in society. Religion has been a major component of human culture since nearly the beginning of man. As we emerged as a high intellect species, we developed many different ideologies to answer some of our unanswerable questions. Since these developments, we continue to evolve as a species and the ideologies we have created evolve with us in our endlessly changing societies. As civilization grows, our different cultures clashed for many different reasons, one of which has been religion. As theRead MoreReligion And Its Impact On Society951 Words   |  4 Pages Religion to me is a set of beliefs and practices that can determine actions in everyday life by determining morals and deciding what is right and wrong in each society. This is a general idea that I believe has guided societies for centuries and has shaped today’s cult ures. As we study cultures around the world, we can find significant influential factors dating back to a prominent religion that shaped the ideals of culture telling the people what is deemed acceptable practice and behavior and whatRead MoreReligion And Its Impact On Society1862 Words   |  8 PagesReligion ranks as one of the most divisive factors in the world today dividing not only believers and non-believers but as well as those of different sects. Different ideals, and views of the diverse religions spur negativity amongst countries, races, friends, and family alike driving wedges whilst creating problems between individuals. However it also has brought billions of people together, going on to forge a sense of shred belief and unity of purpose across wide racial and geographical dividesRead MoreReligion : What Are Its Impacts On The Society?1601 Words   |  7 PagesReligion: What are its Impacts to the Society? Human as a physical and finite being believes that there is the spiritual entity or entities which unlike man are infinite and more powerful. Human sought to have a relationship with this sacred being, and the medium which he has devised to do so is religion. Borne out of human’s quest or search for purpose and meaning, religion was employed to provide answers to some basic intriguing phenomena, which bothers him on daily basis. Religion

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Digital Innovation and Technology

Question: Discuss about the Digital Innovation and Technology. Answer: Introduction Innovation is referred as the creation, adoption and implementation of any idea, technology or a product that is new in the market (Fagerberg, Martin and Andersen 2013). The word digital innovation is defined as the innovation in technologies with the help of digital devices. Digital Innovative Technologies have spread in biotechnology field. The invention of machines like X-Ray, ECG and USG machines are the rigid examples of it (Fichman et al. 2014). This report is about what digital innovative technologies Kinjakou Technologies could apply to gain a competitive space in the market. Kinjakou Technology might apply new innovative technology like Video Conferencing, Telepresence, Cloud Computing and various other technologies (Fichman et al. 2014). These technologies are costly as well as provide benefit to the companies. Therefore, the Cost Benefit Analysis is to be studied. Cost Benefit Analysis helps to estimate and sum up the cost needed and the benefit achieved by introducing those technologies in the company. The cost benefit analysis is associated with Key Performance Indicator. Key Performance Indicator helps to measure the value of effectiveness of a company in achieving the important objectives of the business. The selection of right KPI depends on which sector the business is concentrating. Innovations in Digital Technology Information and Communication Technology has undergone a rapid evolution. This rapid evolution also accounted for the growth of innovative digital technology. The digital Technologies, the company Kinjakou could apply are been listed below: Cloud Computing Technology: The organization adopting Cloud technology generally ha good productivity. Cloud computing plays a major part in the lives of people. The services like Google Map, Amazon services, Microsoft hotmail are convenient ways for accessing computer systems (Erl, Puttini and Mahmood 2013). Therefore, cloud-computing service has the ability to provide services on a broad range. The three categories of cloud services include storage of data, power processing and virtualization of server. It is operated on the platform of operating system, web servers and platform development respectively. The private cloud services helps in supplying ICT services to a concerned organisation through a link of network (Dinh et al. 2013). Private infrastructure could be placed on a site and managed by external provider. Private cloud services are implemented by large organisations, bank and small industries. Public Cloud Services mainly deals with the Microsoft access and Amazon web se rvices. The mixing of these services is generally called community cloud (Dinh et al. 2013). Cloud service is mainly beneficial for the small business. Kinjakou Technologies could adopt this technology, as it is beneficiary in the following ways. Cloud service helps in cost savings. It helps in cost savings up to 50% immediately by applying simple basic service shifting like data storage and email in the cloud (Ritting and Ransome 2016). It increases the productivity by using model prices, which helps in supporting outsource. It also helps in providing good resources and technical expertise. Cloud services overcome capital as well as expertise barriers. It helps the business to get innovative capabilities at a very low cost. It increases mobility and growth and provides the company with the flexibility that it needed (Ritting and Ransome 2016). The company could also install the technology of Video Conferencing. This particular technology though costs more during installation but it could decreases the travelling expenses (Baird et al. 2013). The meeting with the clients, suppliers are easily done by the official of the company with the help of video conference (Lakhal, Khechine and Pascot 2013). It also decreased the fooding and the lodging cost of the company. Therefore, on a long term basis it is cost effective for the company (Guzman, Coffmann and Lemay 2016). The innovative digital technological apparatus Adapx Capturx Forms for excel is new for the business. It includes Anoto Digital pen, which is the software that focus only on forms. The form fill up could be done with a pen and the data of that form is been captured. The digital pen technology does can help in time reducing and saving largely (Schemid and McGee 2016). Grexit is a new technology that helps in capturing all the emails and stores them. Emails related business which was been sent many days ago could be retrieved by using this technology (Wodak and Angouri 2014). Wall St. Scanner helps in getting the knowledge about the economic climate. It uses algorithms for scanning social networks, stock markets and corporate sites. It helps in checking stock prices (Kobyashi et al. 2015). Therefore, it is very much helpful for the organisation. The technology POST PLANNER helps in scheduling of the post those are planned previously. It makes the business more prolific in the social website with minimum time investing behind the software. Dymo Label Maker PnP is the new technology, which is plugged into the USB port. The software helps the design to get automatically visible on the screen. The user has to label the design and print it. This is the most time saving digital technology and is very much useful for the companies in the designing sector (DYMO, 2017). The above technologies could be installed in Kinjakou Technologies to achieve competitiveness in the market Cost Benefit Analysis The main reason for using the cost benefit analysis is to evaluate the benefits of the business with the time estimated and the funding required for the installation of those technologies (Roosen 2014). The top officials of Kinjakou Technolgy should have the knowledge about the risks and the possibility of technologies to pay back in future before implementing it for the organization. Cost benefit technologies when performed on the object oriented, client server and the usage of cloud computing (Mishan 2015). The estimated cost of the Hardware and software is 15 to 20% of the total cost (Roosen 2014). The most estimated cost is the labor cost, which is about 70 to 75% of the total cost. The cost of setting and implementing a video conference system is too high. The cloud computing system has also contributed to a certain amount in cost (Roosen 2014). The use of other technologies, which are been stated is not that high. Therefore, if Kinjakou is going to implement these technologies the cost of the software would come around 30 to 35% of the total cost. If these technologies are not been incorporated then the estimation of cost would come to 15-20% of the total cost. The benefits that the company could achieve by applying those technologies are stated below: The competitiveness increases by applying cloud technology. The cloud technology helps in reducing the cost up to 50% of the cost that the company would have to pay without installing this technology. It also helps in getting good resources and expertise. The video conferencing technology helps in reducing the cost of travelling and other subsidiary cost that the company is liable to pay when the officials travel abroad for meeting the client. Therefore, small company like Kinjakou Technology who wants to enter into a big market has to arrange meeting with the clients on a regular basis (Mishan 2015(. The travelling cost at that time would affect the economical structure of the company. Therefore, the cost of one time installation of the video conference technology would benefit the company for a long term and help them to reduce the cost (Djukic et al. 2016). The installation of other technologies that are been discussed are cost effective but benefit the organisation largely. The i mplementation of that software helps the company to do a certain job without consuming much time and effectively. Key Performance Index KPI software helps the business to create and analyze data that are received KPI. The software is designed in such a way that it allows the entry of data from various KPI data collection and evaluate with the help of those data (Paramenter 2015). KPI of Kinjakou technology is done based on KPI for sales, operations and marketing. KPI for sales includes the conversation rate. The ratio of the proposed technology into successful technology rates the KPI to be high. The new leads that have been generated on the efforts. KPI based on the operation deals with the net promoter score. It is based on the satisfaction of the clients. The KPI measured for Kinjakou Technology is based on the installation of these innovative technology and its performance index about time saving and cost effectiveness. The KPI measured for video conferencing technology will be high as the video conferencing technology has less limitation and is highly effective for the company. Therefore, the performance indicator will also give a high value (Bai and Sarkis 2014). KPI for the cloud service will also give a high value, as the cloud service is too helpful for the small industries in terms of profit as well as cost and time effective. The installation of other technology like ADAPX, GREXIT, WALL ST. SCANNER and POSTAL PLANNER helps in reducing the time for completion of the given work and it is cost effective (Anand and Grover 2015). Conclusion: The above-discussed innovative digital technology if applied by Kinjakou Technologies they will be greatly benefited and survive in the competitive market. The companies now days are using cloud computing and web conference to achieve maximum advantage from the field of Information Technology. The digital technology has played a huge role in the uplifting the companies and more accurate towards the work. Kinjakou Technology is recommended to use technologies like ADAPX, GREXTIS, DYMO LABEL MAKER PNP to achieve competitive positions over the other companies. Reference List Anand, N. and Grover, N., 2015. Measuring retail supply chain performance: Theoretical model using key performance indicators (KPIs).Benchmarking: An International Journal,22(1), pp.135-166. Bai, C. and Sarkis, J., 2014. Determining and applying sustainable supplier key performance indicators.Supply Chain Management: An International Journal,19(3), pp.275-291. Baird, R.B., Firestone, S.S., Surazski, L.K. and Wu, D., Cisco Technology, Inc., 2013.System and method for performing distributed multipoint video conferencing. U.S. Patent 8,614,732. Dinh, H.T., Lee, C., Niyato, D. and Wang, P., 2013. A survey of mobile cloud computing: architecture, applications, and approaches.Wireless communications and mobile computing,13(18), pp.1587-1611. Djukic, M., Jovanoski, I., Ivanovic, O.M., Lazic, M. and Bodroza, D., 2016. Cost-benefit analysis of an infrastructure project and a cost-reflective tariff: A case study for investment in wastewater treatment plant in Serbia.Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews,59, pp.1419-1425. DYMO. (2017). DYMO LabelManager PnP Label Maker. [online] Available at: https://www.dymo.com/en-US/labelmanager-pnp-label-maker [Accessed 6 Jan. 2017]. Erl, T., Puttini, R. and Mahmood, Z., 2013.Cloud computing: concepts, technology, architecture. Pearson Education. Fagerberg, J., Martin, B.R. and Andersen, E.S. eds., 2013.Innovation studies: evolution and future challenges. OUP Oxford. Fichman, R.G., Dos Santos, B.L. and Zhiqiang (Eric) Zheng, 2014. Digital Innovation as a Fundamental and Powerful Concept in the Information Systems Curriculum.Mis Quarterly,38(2), pp.329-343. Guzman, A., Coffman, P. and Lemay, S.O., Apple Inc., 2016.Overlay for a video conferencing application. U.S. Patent 9,237,305. Kobayashi, N., Maehara, A., Mintz, G.S., Wolff, S.D., Gnreux, P., Xu, K., Mehran, R., Gibson, C.M., Brener, S.J. and Stone, G.W., 2015. Usefulness of the left anterior descending artery wrapping around the left ventricular apex to predict adverse clinical outcomes in patients with anterior wall ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (an INFUSE-AMI substudy).The American journal of cardiology,115(10), pp.1389-1395. Lakhal, S., Khechine, H. and Pascot, D., 2013. Student behavioural intentions to use desktop video conferencing in a distance course: integration of autonomy to the UTAUT model.Journal of Computing in Higher Education,25(2), pp.93-121. Mishan, E.J., 2015.Elements of Cost-Benefit Analysis (Routledge Revivals). Routledge. Parmenter, D., 2015.Key performance indicators: developing, implementing, and using winning KPIs. John Wiley Sons. Perini, K. and Rosasco, P., 2013. Costbenefit analysis for green faades and living wall systems.Building and Environment,70, pp.110-121. Rittinghouse, J.W. and Ransome, J.F., 2016.Cloud computing: implementation, management, and security. CRC press. Roosen, J., 2014. Cost-Benefit Analysis. InRisk-A Multidisciplinary Introduction(pp. 309-331). Springer International Publishing. Schmid, P.H. and McGee, D.R., Adapx, Inc., 2016.Speech recognizer for multimodal systems and signing in/out with and/or for a digital pen. U.S. Patent Application 15/068,445. Wodak, R. and Angouri, J., 2014. Grecovery to Grexit From.Discourse Society,25(4), pp.417-423.

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10 Types of Numerical Terms

10 Types of Numerical Terms 10 Types of Numerical Terms 10 Types of Numerical Terms By Mark Nichol How many categories of numerals are there, and what are their functions? No, you haven’t stumbled onto DailyMathTips.com by mistake; this post helps sort out the ways you can refer to numbers and under which circumstances, with nary a digit or operational sign in sight. Ready? One, two, three . . . 1. Cardinal Numbers Cardinal numbers one, two, three, or the numeric equivalents, and so on represent simple quantity (though, as shown in the previous paragraph, they can also be employed in a countdown or, in that case, a countup). The names of English numerals are all derived from Old English, as are the suffixes -teen, which derives from a form of ten and means â€Å"ten more than,† and -ty, which means â€Å"ten.† Hundred and thousand are also derived from old English, but million and other terms for orders of magnitude come from Latin by way of French. 2. Collective Numerals Collective numerals represent sets. There are various subcategories kinship terms such as twin and triplet, and musical terms like duo and trio – and, well, singletons, like that word, pair, dozen, and so on. Language origin varies among these assorted words. 3. Composite Numbers Composite numbers unary, binary, ternary, and so on represent composition (what something is composed of). Binary is the only one of these Latin-derived terms commonly used, though quaternary was applied to a geological age. 4. Distributive Numerals Distributive numerals represent alternating patterns. In some languages (like Latin, which has singuli and bini, for example, to mean â€Å"one by one† or â€Å"two by two† respectively), these numerals are represented by a single term, are usually described in English in phrases such as â€Å"each day,† â€Å"every other week,† and â€Å"every third month.† However, English also has one-word examples such as centennial and its multiplied variants, descended from Latin terms. 5. Multiplicative Numbers Multiplicative numbers once, twice, thrice represent repetition. The ancestors of these words are variations on the Old English words for one, two, and three. Among the categories listed in this post, the multiplicative group is the only one that does not represent any value higher than three. (The reason for this lack is unknown, though perhaps it’s because it’s rarely necessary to describe an attempt or action beyond several previous efforts.) 6. Ordinal Numbers Ordinal numbers first, second, third, and so on represent sequential order. Second is anomalous in that it alone comes from Latin rather than Old English; it supplanted the ambiguous English word other (still used in this sense in the phrase â€Å"every other†). There was never a twoth or a onth, for that matter; that latter vacancy was filled by a form of fore, while third and so on are derived from the cardinal numbers.) This is a good place to remind writers to deactivate the function on their computer that, by default, creates superscript ordinal indicators (miniature renditions of st, nd, rd, and th perched on the right shoulders of numerals). The perverse persistence of this Victorian affectation in state-of-the-art word-processing programs is a puzzler and an annoyance to editors, who have to convert such aberrant symbols into baseline indicators before production. 7. Partitive Numbers Partitive numbers half, thirds, fourths, and so on represent fractions. Half, which is from Old English, originally meant merely â€Å"part.† (Behalf, meaning â€Å"on the part of,† retains this imprecise meaning.) The others are just variations on Old English terms for the associated numbers. 8. Ranking Numerals Ranking numerals – primary, secondary, tertiary, and so on (this class shares quaternary and higher values with the composite-numbers category) represent degrees of importance or relevance. These terms are ultimately Latin in origin. 9. Reproductive Numbers Reproductive numbers single, double, triple, and so on, plus the generic multiple represent replication. Single and double are from Latin by way of French; the higher values are all directly from Latin. 10. Miscellaneous Terms Deuce, from the similarly pronounced precursor to French deux, is an old-fashioned synonym for two that persists in sports and gambling references. The mild oath â€Å"What the deuce,† a euphemism for â€Å"What the devil?† probably comes from association with deuce as a low score and therefore the outcome of bad luck. Trinity, from Latin through French, and triad, directly from Latin, both mean â€Å"a group or set of three.† Triplicate, meaning â€Å"threefold,† is from Latin; -fold is from the Old English cognate of -plus, which is where we got the element -ple and its extension -plicate. Treble is the French form of triple; both come from the Latin triplus. Trice, used in the phrase â€Å"in a trice,† meaning â€Å"quickly,† is unrelated to thrice (â€Å"three times†); it’s of nautical origin, from a Middle English word borrowed from a Dutch term meaning â€Å"pull, hoist.† Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Vocabulary category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:Useful Stock Phrases for Your Business Emails7 Patterns of Sentence StructureOne Scissor?

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jayson williams is guilty essays

jayson williams is guilty essays Former NBA player Jayson Williams, 36, is fully responsible for the February fourteenth (2002) shooting of Costas Christofi. Christofi, 55, had been hired to drive Williams's friends from a Bethlehem, Pa. charity event back to his estate. Williams shot Christofi while giving his house guests a tour of his Hunterdon County estate after a night out. Williams's brother, and eleven other guests, including four players from the Harlem Globetrotters, were at the house the night of the shooting. According to the witnesses who testified at the trial, while Williams was showing his guests around his master bedroom, he grabbed a twelve-gauge shotgun from his gun cabinet, opened it, and then jerked it shut. When the gun closed, it fired, striking Christofi in the chest. He was found shot to death in the master bedroom. Williams was charged with manslaughter and other charges which include hindering apprehension, evidence tampering, witness tampering, fabricating physical evidence and conspi racy to obstruct the law for the death of his limousine driver (Free Press). What is hard to understand is why Williams even took the shotgun out of his gun cabinet. Something which is even more difficult to understand is how he could not realize the shotgun was loaded. If he did realize it was loaded, could he actually be that reckless to play around with it. Also, why was the gun even facing Christofi? There is no doubt that he did nott mean to kill Christofi, but how could he be so reckless? The fact that he shot Christofi is not even the disturbing part. Christofi's death was initially reported as a suicide, but it was later ruled a homicide after an autopsy confirmed it. A 911 tape actually reveals Williams saying that a man committed suicide in his house. Williams told his guests to agree on saying that Christofi killed himself. During the time in which Christofi was shot, Williams wiped down the gun and then tried to t...

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Why is there poverty in rich countries Research Paper

Why is there poverty in rich countries - Research Paper Example Some countries are doing a lot to reduce the cases of poverty though they have not fully succeeded. In this case, this study tries to explain the existences of poverty in rich countries. It, also, describes the challenges of poverty globally. Adeola (2005) explains that poverty is a challenging situation where a family or an individual cannot attain the living standards of his or her society. Definition of poverty, however, varies some explains that poverty is the lack of funds though poverty is a greatest problem in a society. For example, we think that poverty is meant by having little or no money to spend or paying bills. However, poverty is more than what many of us perceive because it affects person’s life, causing a wide range of problems such as poor health and illiteracy. Poverty brings in social problems to the community such as crime, drug abuse, and suicide. Studies by Grant and Vidler (256) explain poverty in two different ways, absolute poverty and relative poverty. At this stage, a person is described to be in absolute poverty when his or her income is not enough to acquire basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing. On the other hand, relative poverty is when an individual is poor as compared to other people. Rich countries do have people without basic needs such as housing. For example, according to Grant and Vidler (256), there were almost 1600 people sleeping outside as per the statistics in the year 2000 in England. The authors point that such cases are more in the developing countries. Relative poverty, as described above, is a situation where a person is poor as compared to other people. For example, some people can afford, accommodation, television, but may lack video player and besides, they may only afford to travel once in a week. However, such individuals might be considered rich if they were citizens of developing countries. This shows the difference